Lower Carbon Website

Lower Carbon Website


This website is designed to limit carbon usage as part of our commitment to help the UK reach Net Zero by 2050.

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How we have created a more energy efficient website:

Clever Design

Our website design carefully considers all areas which help to reduce our carbon footprint. From a smart site architecture, a reduced number of images and videos as well as a smart colour palette with pixel reduction, we are supporting our vision of getting to Net Zero.

Smart Development

We have made a carbon efficient site by reducing the amount of code required through reusable components and clean and simple coding. This code has also been split into small chunks which means that it only loads what you need to see.

Responsible web hosting

We have taken a decision to build our website in a way which means that we are as energy efficient as possible compared to using a traditional server with 100% green energy being used for power and the front end only running on demand.

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