Dalkia 2022 Team of The Year: University of Lincoln

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Dalkia 2022 Team of The Year: University of Lincoln

Announced during our annual conference by Dalkia MD, Noel Clancy, the UoL team was awarded Team of The Year for their outstanding contract performance and for maintaining excellent Health & Safety standards.

In July 2023, the Imtech group company rebranded to Dalkia.

Every Monday, during their weekly Toolbox Talks, Jeremey Tyreman (Supervisor) also hosts a wellbeing talk, a session that focuses on supporting the team with their mental health and any concerns they may have. In addition to this, the UoL team has completed one of Dalkia’s largest Community Days as they built a Peace Garden for their contract. 33 members of the team collectively volunteered an impressive total of 272 hours.

Darren Kane (Contract Manager) commented “To stand on stage and be presented with the Team of the Year award 2022 by Noel Clancy and for the team to be recognised by the Dalkia board filled me with a great sense of pride and joy. Not only recognition for the Dalkia University of Lincoln team but also for my two Business Unit Directors who have made this an enjoyable and memorable journey. Both BUD’s have inspired me and empowered me to make a difference, and for this I will be ever grateful. This has not been an easy journey, but my team has dealt with problems and issues along the way in a safe and professional manner. We have a large team of 27 engineers who have been with us on this journey to embed our guiding principles and incorporate them into their working day. It is a joy to see this embedded into the team and see the hard work which the team has put into making the site a success for Dalkia and the University of Lincoln.

To meet the team and find out more about the contract, click here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRtIkEZRxno&feature=youtu.be

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25 Oct 2022

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