Dalkia Renews ISO 19650 “BIM Design and Construction” Kitemark

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Dalkia Renews ISO 19650 “BIM Design and Construction” Kitemark

Dalkia is thrilled to announce the successful renewal of our ISO 19650 “BIM Design and Construction” Kitemark, underscoring our commitment to excellence in managing and delivering Building Information Modelling (BIM) projects.

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Understanding ISO 19650

ISO 19650 provides a series of international standards that create a consistent framework for managing information throughout the lifecycle of a project using BIM methodologies. This standard promotes the collaborative production and effective management of documents, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.


How Dalkia Implements ISO 19650

At Dalkia, our approach to ISO 19650 centres on the clear definition and communication of project requirements, standards, and milestones. This alignment with our client’s expectations is critical to our workflow, smoothly integrating pre-construction, construction, and commissioning phases.

We manage project information through a Common Data Environment (CDE), Asite, which allows for seamless collaboration across various platforms and ensures that the right individuals access the appropriate information at the right time. This system supports our internal workflows and facilitates compliance with cross-platform standards set by ISO 19650.


Benefits of ISO 19650 to Stakeholders

The ISO 19650 standard offers multiple benefits to all parties involved throughout the lifecycle of a built asset. Key advantages include:

  • Internationally Recognised Format: Clients receive all project information in a format that is recognised worldwide, supporting efficient operation and maintenance post-construction.
  • Effective Engagement: Enables our team to effectively engage with subcontractors and consultants, ensuring alignment with shared objectives.
  • Risk Minimisation: Minimises the risk of mistakes and omissions during the project lifecycle.
  • Enhanced Performance: Enhances the long-term performance of the asset, benefiting all parties involved throughout its lifecycle.


Looking Forward

In our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and supporting our team, Dalkia has developed a comprehensive suite of ISO19650 recognised process documentation. This resource is readily accessible to our staff through Asite and our internal Project Delivery System. Designed to streamline operations, these tools provide step-by-step guidance for critical tasks, including reviewing client BIM documents, engaging with subcontractors, and managing asset information, ensuring our team can effectively navigate the complexities of each project.

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18 Apr 2024
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