Dalkia UK collect thousands of coins from the Tower of London’s Traitor’s Gate for the Poppy Appeal

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Dalkia UK collect thousands of coins from the Tower of London’s Traitor’s Gate for the Poppy Appeal

Volunteers from Dalkia UK dedicated a day to gathering coins thrown by visitors into Traitor’s Gate at the Tower of London, later donating them to the Royal British Poppy Appeal in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday.

For years, visitors to the Tower of London have made a wish whilst throwing coins into the fresh-water moat at the Tower of London. Once a year, the moat is drained for essential maintenance of the gates and selected volunteers have the opportunity to collect the coins and donate them to the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal for the welfare of military veterans and their families.

Dalkia volunteer at the Tower of London


Traitor’s Gate is one of the most notorious parts of the Tower, built in the 13th Century, and was to be the last journey for many accused of treason.

On 8th November, twenty Dalkia UK volunteers, who are usually employed to maintain the Houses of Parliament, took part in a coin collection event which was specially organised for them by Historic Royal Palaces – the independent charity that cares for the Tower of London. Dalkia UK offers all of its employees the chance to take a community day to engage in charitable activities, and this marked the company’s first participation in volunteering at the Tower.

Having spent several hours at the Tower, the team picked up twenty sacks of various coins for the Poppy Appeal.

Stu Brown, Business Unit Director, Dalkia UK commented

“All of us from Dalkia UK were very proud to do our bit for the Poppy Appeal. Our normal day job is maintaining the Houses of Parliament, so we really have come from one Royal Palace to another. Working for Dalkia, we all get a day to go out and give back to our community and so, as a Veteran, it’s particularly poignant to be doing this for the Poppy Appeal. I’m so pleased something good can come from a place as notorious as Traitor’s Gate.”

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08 Nov 2023

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