Dalkia UK Completes Rebrand

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Dalkia UK Completes Rebrand

Dalkia in the UK is delighted to announce that the final step in our rebrand, officially changing the names of our legal entities, took place at Companies House on Tuesday 3 October 2023.


Dalkia EDF Group


It should be noted that only the name of the entities have changed, our company registration numbers and head office addresses remain the same.

For clarity, the following entity names are affected:



Original Company Name New Company Name
ESSCI Limited Dalkia Group Limited
ESSCI Technical Services Limited Dalkia UK Holding Limited
Breathe Energy Limited Dalkia Energy Services Limited
ESSCI Engineering Services Limited Dalkia Engineering Holding Limited
Imtech Low Carbon Solutions Limited DK Low Carbon Solutions Limited
Imtech Engineering Services Limited Dalkia Engineering Limited
Inviron Holdings Limited Dalkia Facilities Holding Limited
Imtech Inviron Limited Dalkia Facilities Limited
SPIE UK Limited Dalkia Operations Holding Limited
SPIE FS Northern UK Limited Dalkia Facilities Northern UK Limited
SPIE Leven Energy Services Limited Leven Energy Services Limited
SPIE Power and Nuclear UK Limited Power and Nuclear UK Limited
SPIE Scotshield Limited Dalkia Scotshield Limited
SPIE WHS Limited DK WHS Limited
SPIE Limited Dalkia Operations Limited
SPIE MSS Clean Technology Limited MSS Clean Technology Limited

Together, we are delivering technical solutions for a better society and Net Zero UK. Our people, with their diversity of skills and perspectives, make us who we are. Today, our 4,000-strong team of experts and advisors are partnering with clients and communities on some of the country’s most exciting and demanding projects to provide energy, engineering, facilities management and specialist services. We continue to look forward to our future as Dalkia in the UK.

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03 Oct 2023
Julie Wheeler

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