Dalkia’s Apprentice Team Building Day

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Dalkia’s Apprentice Team Building Day

Thursday 17th November saw Apprentices take on a jam-packed day full of activities. Hosted by Harpreet Kalm (Regional HR Manager) and Laura Jelley (HR Advisor), we brought together over 20 of our apprentices. Noel Clancy (Dalkia MD) welcomed everyone to the event and reminded the apprentices to always be inquisitive and ask lots of questions!

In July 2023, the Imtech group company rebranded to Dalkia.

Next, we moved on to a TikTok challenge where teams of 4 had to demonstrate why apprentices are important and why they chose to do one with Dalkia. Supported by Ashleigh Layton (Head of Marketing), each team created a TikTok which was then judged by Noel.

After lunch was 5 group challenges which tested the apprentices on their teamwork and communication skills. One of the challenges included the “Task Master” which had a strong focus on these 2 core skills. During this time, each team was awarded points on how well they completed the challenges. The various tasks encouraged apprentices to think about the 2 core skills required so that they can apply their learnings to everyday working life. The scores were close and put to a final test as we moved on to a general quiz.

To conclude the event, Andy Voase (Executive Director – Head of Public Sector) hosted a Q&A session which raised some very interesting questions. Overall, it was a fantastic day with great energy in the room. We look forward to the next February event when we will celebrate National Apprenticeships Week.

To watch a TikTok video of the event, click here: Dalkia’s Apprentice Day TikTok

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21 Nov 2022

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