Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Responsible for the direct management of the projects assigned you by the Senior Manager. Direct and coordinate the activities associated with running projects in accordance with identified company goals and procedures to obtain optimum efficiency, economy of operations and maximise profitability by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate Project Group Members.

Main Responsibilities & Key Outcomes;

  1. General Management
  2. Customer Service
  3. Standards
  4. Operational Procedures
  5. Commercial
  6. Administration
  7. Personnel
  8. Health and Safety
  9. Business Development

Key Responsibilities:

General Management:

  • Provide engineering and management resource to direct, supervise and support all project related operations.
  • Plan, develop and implement all activities associated with the efficient and profitable running of the assigned Projects.

Customer Service:

  • Maintain high standards of customer service.
  • Monitor, review and improve through the implementation of appropriate procedures and initiatives.
  • Maintain close contact with existing customers and assist the Senior Project Manager in the development of new customers as required to maintain suitable workload.


  • Ensure that project operations are undertaken in compliance with all relevant standards and legislation through appropriate formal procedures.
  • Liaise with other support departmental personnel, if necessary, to obtain any advice that may be required.

Operational Procedures:

  • Plan and undertake the project workload and allocate specific tasks to other appointed individual personnel associated with the project in conjunction with directions from the Senior Project Manager.
  • Monitor the workload and tasks that other individuals both in the office and at site level are undertaking on a daily basis to ensure the projects are operating in an efficient and profitable manner.
  • Prepare operational project programmes in line with main project programme and identify labour and material procurement deadlines. Carry out required tasks to ensure that identified deadlines are met. Monitor this on a daily/weekly basis as appropriate.
  • Prepare major material and master material procurement schedules. Identify and check that proposed procurement dates come in line with the appropriate programme dates to ensure that materials and equipment are available on site at the prescribed time.
  • Ensure the best possible prices are available via new quotations to attempt to achieve a better buy based on the original tender offer.
  • Ensure there is a good working relationship with all suppliers to ensure optimum response in relation to the quotation request and delivery requirements.
  • Identify any main sub contract packages of work that will be required making reference to our original tender if appropriate. Arrange and attend sub-contract reviews, meetings and appointments. Liaise with the Projects Quantity Surveyor, if appropriate.
  • Plan the site set up arrangements with the Senior Project Manager and procure via our plant department the appropriate site office, workshop and storage facilities making reference to our original tender allowance.
  • Monitor and coordinate work performed by the junior engineers and our own directly employed labour force/loan/Agency Labour Force/ Sub-Contractors.
  • Review and interpret proposed designs, drawings and specifications to ensure compliance with our obligations and appropriateness to required function and recognised standards.
  • Initiate revisions where appropriate and advise the Senior Project Manager of any shortfalls. Work with the design team to ensure purchasing economy is engineered into the project.
  • Ensure that project operations are in compliance with design specifications and the appropriate standards and regulations.
  • Monitor project deliverables and direct work sequencing to expedite project delivery in line with our works programme.
  • Represent the business at meetings with customers, consultants, sub-contractors and other relevant organisations as agreed and directed by the Senior Project Manager.
  • Inspect and monitor the quality of the installed works, carry out and review zero defects reports, ensure compliance with specifications and drawings, monitor site Health and Safety reports.
  • Research and prepare various reports pertaining to individual project performance and/or other issues as appropriate.
  • Perform miscellaneous individual and group related duties as assigned.
  • Consider the overall M&E working relationships to ensure all resources, materials and plant are shared and appreciate the requirements of both trades.
  • Co-ordinate with other sub-contractors involved in the project to ensure smooth working pattern/progress.


  • Monitor individual project commercial performance against targets through regular review of job cost reports and detailed work in progress reports.
  • Provide detailed work in progress reports for discussion and monitoring by Senior Project Manager. Identify target shortfalls and discuss and carry out appropriate action to resolve any problems.
  • Assist in the preparation of the ongoing project account and final account. Ensure accounts are up to date as far as agreement of variations are concerned, monitor on at least a monthly basis to ensure variations are being agreed by others in a timely manners.
  • Present with project final accounts to the Senior Project Manager for agreement prior to final account being presented to the Customer for final certification.
  • Prepare, in conjunction with the Senior Quantity Surveyor, any sub-contract orders and the purchase of major material packages monitor any change orders and approve sub-contract payments.


  • Ensure that project files, both hard copy and electronic versions, are set up in accordance with company procedures for each project. Carry out/ensure that filing is kept up to date and in the correct place.
  • Carry out a project administrative duties consistent with company requirements and standards.
  • Ensure that the day-to-day administrative duties associated with good project management are carried out and that the requirements and interface with other parts of the business responsible for general business administration are carried out in a timely and productive manner.


  • Communicate clearly and directly with other employees associated with the project, monitor performance productivity and quality as appropriate.

Health and Safety:

  • Ensure that company standards for health and safety associated with all project activities are maintained as identified in the company health and safety policy.
  • When required, support and split all enquiries into any incidents and accidents associated with the Group activities.
  • Initiate and monitor all site health and safety inspections either by our in house H&S Manager or external resource.
  • Ensure that any recommendations following on from a site H&S site visit are implemented.
  • Take personal responsibility for all project H&S issues ensure that when visiting site all paperwork associated with H&S issues such as tool box talk registers, site risk assessments, plant checks etc., are being carried out and are up to date.

Business Development:

  • Maintain and develop in association with the project and the Senior Project Manager existing customer contacts to maintain and increase as appropriate.


  • Implement and conclude specific projects as identified and agreed with the Senior Project Manager as appropriate for improving and developing the specific project or the overall group performance.

Capabilities To Fulfil The Role:


  • Electrical underpinning knowledge


  • Technical competence
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Business Planning Skills
  • Leadership and Motivation

Behaviour & Attitude

  • Positive attitude and behaviours that align with The business core values

Educational Qualification Required: (minimum)

  • Electrical underpinning knowledge

Previous Work Experience Required:

  • Work experience equivalent to at least 3 years in the industry

Competency Level Required for this job:
A = Mastery B = Comprehension C = Awareness

  1. Leadership = B
  2. Customer Focus = B
  3. Commitment Focus = B
  4. Problem Solving = B
  5. Decision Making = B
Hinkley, Nuclear
Date of issue
November 14, 2023
Business Unit
Dalkia Engineering
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