Dalkia UK Launches 2024 Apprenticeship Recruitment Campaign

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Dalkia UK Launches 2024 Apprenticeship Recruitment Campaign

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Dalkia’s 2024 Apprenticeship Recruitment Campaign, aimed at fostering new talent in mechanical, electrical, and public health sectors. This week, apprenticeships take centre stage, showcasing their significant impact on communities, businesses, and regional economies.

The world is evolving, and so are our engineering apprenticeships as we prepare the next generation to design and deliver technical services and solutions for a sustainable, prosperous, resilient society and a Net Zero UK.

Dalkia Apprentice

Real Stories, Real Success

Nadya’s Story:
“As a T-Level student at Manchester College, studying Design, Planning, and Surveying Level 3, my journey took an exciting turn when I started a work experience placement with Dalkia at the Paterson Development Project. What began as a mere introduction to the industry soon became so much more.

I was particularly struck by the diversity at Dalkia – meeting professionals of all trades, backgrounds, and experiences. They welcomed me, shared their day-to-day life, and opened my eyes to the many paths in engineering. The chance to shadow different roles in my first week led me to a surprising discovery – a deep interest in planning.

My enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed, and I was thrilled when Dalkia offered me a full-time position along with the chance to further my education and career. I am now embarking on a Level 4 apprenticeship, a significant milestone that aligns with the first year of an undergraduate degree or a Higher National Certificate (HNC), marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in my professional journey.”

Ross’ Story
After leaving school with an interest in electrical engineering, I pursued a college course but had to leave due to personal circumstances, which led to me working in a restaurant at age 21, which was far from the path I had originally set out on.

I decided that an apprenticeship could possibly be the answer for me, so I found myself an electrical apprentice position that merged practical work with college. This led to a steady career progression from an electrician to a project manager.

Over 26 years, I’ve managed increasingly complex projects, including my favourite, the Liverpool Main Stand extension, which was completed in 2016. Although it wasn’t initially part of my plan after leaving school, pursuing an apprenticeship, as it turned out, provided me with the best chance of success I currently enjoy. In my opinion, there is no substitute for practical experience gained on the job, which offers a real understanding of the daily challenges faced on site. This invaluable knowledge is precisely what apprenticeships offer. Those who are ready to take this route and put in the work will certainly make it in this industry

Your Pathway to Success

With Dalkia, it’s more than a job; you’re embarking on your career journey. Our comprehensive apprenticeship programme offers:

  • A chance to earn while you learn, blending practical experience with academic knowledge.
  • A diverse and inclusive work environment that values your unique background and perspective.
  • Support and mentorship every step of the way, ensuring your health, safety, and well-being are always prioritised.

What We’re Looking For

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the world of engineering? We’re seeking individuals who are:

  • Eager to embrace a structured training programme.
  • Excited about working in various environments and travelling to different sites.
  • In possession of at least 3 GCSEs or Scottish Standard Qualifications (including Maths, English, and Science) for craft roles, and an additional 2 A-levels for the Engineering advanced roles
  • Have excellent timekeeping and attendance.
  • Love to work with their hands.
  • Enjoy working in a team.

Join Our Team

Recruitment is open now and lasts until 30th April. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for telephone and face-to-face interviews, including a presentation on a topic you’re passionate about. Successful candidates will join us in September/October for a UK-wide induction and exciting team day.

Ready to start your apprenticeship journey with Dalkia?

Click below to explore the wide range of opportunities we offer and find out how you can be part of our next cohort of apprentices.

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06 Feb 2024
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