Enhancing Precision and Safety with Jaibot

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Enhancing Precision and Safety with Jaibot

Dalkia is excited to be trialling the Jaibot, a semi-autonomous mobile drilling robot from Hilti that performs tasks based on digitally planned data, improving efficiency, safety, and precision.

Hilti Jaibot

Improving Efficiency and Safety

At Dalkia, we’re using the Jaibot to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the bracket installation process. By pre-plotting bracketry fixing points over coordinated layouts, the Jaibot allows us to undertake anchor hole drilling much earlier in the project, avoiding clashes and reducing the need for time-consuming setting-out procedures, resulting in faster installations and fewer reworks on site.

Safety is always a critical concern on an engineering project, and the Jaibot is helping here by reducing the need to work at height and minimising dust exposure while also increasing the speed and accuracy of drilling holes, which could be significant when used at scale.

Leveraging Digital Planning

Integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) data with Jaibot offers significant advantages. BIM-enabled robotic solutions like Jaibot make the engineering process more transparent and efficient, with fewer errors and faster execution. Daily progress reports from the site to the project office via the cloud enhance project management and coordination, helping us detect and avoid potential conflicts much earlier.

Jaibot and controller

Future-Ready Solutions

Dalkia’s use of Jaibot perfectly illustrates our commitment to working as a trusted partner with our clients and supply chain partners. By staying curious and pushing ourselves to find new and better ways of doing things, we’re constantly innovating and adding value for our clients at every stage.

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16 May 2024
Dalkia UK

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