Dalkia Upgrade Filling Hall Safety Systems at Calor Gas Port Clarence Facility

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Dalkia Upgrade Filling Hall Safety Systems at Calor Gas Port Clarence Facility

Dalkia has today announced a contract with Calor Gas for the long-term maintenance of the company’s Port Clarence facility and the design and build of upgrades to the filling hall safety systems.

In July 2023, the Imtech group company rebranded to Dalkia.

The safe operation of the filling site at Port Clarence is of paramount importance to Calor Gas. The facility is one of the main filling plants for Calor and is key to the nationwide operation of the UK’s leading LPG provider. Managing the safety of the site relies on monitoring all aspects of the cylinder filling process to ensure there is no gas buildup that could cause an incident.

Dalkia has been appointed to complete the Electrical & Instrumentation cabling design and installation for the LPG recovery ventilation control panel and the associated instruments inside the LPG recovery annex hall.

Safety is the number one priority for Calor, and given Dalkia’s expertise, they were the natural choice for Calor Gas when looking for a partner.

Calor Gas

The design of the system has safety at its core. Electrical interlocks are used to ensure that the liquid recovery operation cannot take place unless the correct airflow is being delivered by the ventilation system.  All of the equipment installed in the Hazardous Area is ATEX certified in accordance with BSI BS EN 60079 Explosive Atmosphere regulations and is inspected by Dalkia’s own CompEx trained operatives.

Steven Farmer, a Divisional Managing Director at Dalkia, said, “Calor Gas is one of the UK’s best-known brands, providing vital fuel for heating and summer BBQs, and the Port Clarence site has been a central part of its rich history. Dalkia being given this contract is a testament to the excellence of our specialist engineers and our consistent focus on the highest safety standards. I am incredibly confident that the team will deliver to the requirements that are essential for the continued safe operation of the Calor Gas Port Clarence facility”

A Calor Gas representative, said, “Safety is the number one priority for Calor and given Dalkia’s expertise they were the natural choice for Calor Gas when looking for a partner to help us upgrade the systems in the Port Clarence LPG filling hall. Ensuring that these systems are designed and installed with the highest safety standards in mind is clearly of the utmost importance. At Calor Gas we are confident that Dalkia’s qualified and experienced team will deliver the upgrades to the necessary standards, and we look forward to working with them to continue the safe operation of the Port Clarence site into the future.”

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15 Mar 2021

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