Policy Statement – Alcohol, Drug & Substance Abuse

Policy Statement - Alcohol, Drug & Substance Abuse

Dalkia recognise that the management of Alcohol, Drugs and Substances is a key part of a safe and healthy working environment. This Policy promotes best practice within the workplace, outlines appropriate management action and defines expectations of reasonable behaviour. Its purpose is to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and others affected by our activities. It will facilitate early identification of problems relating to Alcohol, Drugs and Substances.

Substance abuse includes the use of illegal drugs, the misuse of any prescribed drugs, and the misuse of substances such as alcohol, glues and solvents. This Policy is supported by each Business Unit’s specific procedures.

Our Policy Is:

  • Dalkia expects everyone to be fit to conduct their duties at all times, without risk of their performance being impaired due to drugs, alcohol or any other type of substance abuse. This applies to employees and others working in our offices or sites, whilst travelling on Dalkia business or representing Dalkia in any way
  • Dalkia shall maintain awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse through a combination of health surveillance and health promotion
  • No one shall report for work in an unfit state due to the taking of Alcohol, Drugs or Substances or be in possession of, or attempt to sell, illegal drugs or substances whilst on company business or premises
  • All personnel may be subject to testing for substance abuse. Testing may be initiated for the following reasons:
  • – Post incident (to confirm that neither drugs, alcohol or substances were an influencing factor)
    – With Cause (Suspicion)
    – Safety Critical Workers
    – To meet client requirements
  • Any person known to be, or suspected of being, affected by alcohol or drugs must be referred immediately to the appropriate line manager or supervisor. The line manager or supervisor will arrange for them to be removed from the workplace and for appropriate investigations to be undertaken. Consideration must be given to their ability to return home safely
  • Any person who is taking a course of medication (either prescribed medication or over the counter medication) that may affect them at work must advise their Line Manager or Supervisor, and should ensure that they do not put themselves or colleagues at risk due to this at any time
  • Any employee who refuses a test or receives a positive test will be informed of the associated disciplinary procedure and appropriate action taken by management
  • Any other personnel (who are not directly employed) who refuse a test or receive a positive test will be required to leave site and their respective employers / agents etc will be notified
  • If a member of staff is concerned that they may be at risk of chronic health problems arising from their use of alcohol, drugs or other substances, they should be encouraged to seek help. Initially contact should be made with their HR Department who will treat the approach in confidence and will assist in seeking appropriate professional help.