Policy Statement – Quality

Policy Statement - Quality

We recognise quality is key to a successful business. We will integrate quality into all we do and throughout our value chain. Compliance to the requirements of our management systems is key to our success.

Our Policy Is:

  • To take time to understand our customers’ needs, to ensure their needs are satisfied and to keep our promises
  • To require all managers and supervisors to demonstrate leadership and commitment to this policy and the aims and objectives set out from time to time by the Group and its subsidiaries
  • To require every employee to take personal responsibility by being accountable for their own behaviour and the quality of their work
  • To provide every employee with adequate information, instruction, training, equipment and supervision to enable them to make a responsible and informed contribution to the business through the efficient and effective performance of work activities
  • To understand and manage the risks to the quality of our business offering
  • To work with key partners, sub-contractors and suppliers to help them implement this policy on our projects and to support our business quality aims and objectives
  • To openly admit, discuss and learn from our mistakes and failures
  • To continually improve our performance and culture through development of our systems, procedures and programmes
  • For top management to establish and review annual business quality objectives and targets for the Groups activities, products and services
  • To apply a systematic and measurable approach to monitoring our performance, through the use of leading and lagging indicators and independent audits
  • For operating companies to adopt a management approach appropriate to their business but having regard to the need to keep a common approach across the Group as far as is practicable, consistent with the principles specified in ISO 9001 on Quality Management Systems