Policy Statement – Sustainability

Policy Statement - Sustainability

We aim to be a socially and environmentally responsible company. We provide technical solutions for businesses and our activities contribute to a sustainable society. These activities have an impact on the environment, on people, the communities in which we operate, our customers and supply chain and broader society. Working with all our stakeholders, we strive for continual improvement and the prevention of pollution whilst balancing short-term and long-term interests as well as integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into our decision making. This goes beyond the minimum standard of complying with legislation and those requirements, relevant to our environmental aspects, to which we subscribe.

Our Policy Is:

  • To require all managers and supervisors to demonstrate leadership and commitment to this policy and the sustainability aims and objectives set out by the Group and its subsidiaries
  • To require every employee to take personal responsibility by being accountable for their own behaviour
  • To provide every employee with adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure that they have the necessary competence to undertake their activities in a responsible and sustainably aware manner
  • To work with key partners, sub-contractors and suppliers to promote good environmental practice and help them support our sustainability aims and objectives
  • To openly admit, discuss and learn from our mistakes and failures
  • For top management to establish and review annual sustainability objectives and targets for the Group’s activities, products and services
  • To understand, manage and, where practical, reduce our carbon footprint
  • To provide, and encourage our clients to use, technical solutions which promote sustainability
  • Through our design, production and installation activities to
    – Conserve resources by minimizing waste and the use of materials and energy, and maximizing re-use and recycling
    – Avoid hazardous processes or materials where suitable alternatives are available
    – Minimise the effects of the Group activities on flora and fauna
  • To ensure that our activities cause the minimum of disruption or nuisance to our neighbours and their communities and, where practical, make a positive contribution to those communities. We will offer our employees the chance to be involved in community activities.
  • To apply a systematic and measurable approach to monitoring our performance, through the use of leading and lagging indicators and independent audits
  • To continually improve our culture and performance through development of our systems, procedures and programmes
  • For operating companies to adopt a management approach appropriate to their business but having regard to the need to keep a common approach across the Group as far as is practicable, consistent with the principles specified in ISO 14001 on Environmental Management Systems.